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The first step in the application process is very straightforward, find the position you wish to apply for and follow the steps to upload your resume and credentials. If successful, your resume will be  added on our candidate data base.


  • Start a Global career from the onset

Follow our projects posted, where come from the industry activators of their sectors with high reutation and well known brands

  • Experience a steep development curve

We combine the best of external consulting service with our discipline specialised consultants.

  • Get senior exposure from start on

Our consultants are exposed to senior executives from day one and are not stuck behind a desk.


  • Have a great career and a life

We give importance to flexibility and workload that allows you to balance your personal life with a fast-paced job.

  • Kick-start your career with Logos Executive

We provide opportunities to take on future positions with Logos Executive that would not otherwise have been accessible.

Be a candidate ahead of the pack!!!

With all our experience, we are helping our clients build the best leadership teams. We leverage deep industry expertise and unparalleled global presence to deliver the next generation of transformation leaders.

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